Free Timeline Figures for your Homeschool Matching Story of the World

Update: September 10, 2020

It appears that Mary’s blog featured in this blog post is no longer valid. It actually has been down for a while already.

I have collected the links to the timeline figures that very kind homeschool moms have left in this post comments. Thank you ladies, you rock 🤗

Vol 1

Shoutout to Rachel:

Here is the google drive doc:

Vol 2

Shoutout to Sahar:

Found SOTW vol 2 timeline cards on google drive here.

Vol 3

Shoutout to Amanda:

Found Volume 3! 🙂

Vol 4

No news on Vol 4 as of now.  If you find it, a BIG shoutout to you 🙂

Shoutout to “YOUR name here!”


END OF UPDATE (Make sure to still read this post to learn how to use the timeline figures with the timeline I created. It’s all here!)


I discovered  Tending Our Lord’s Garden, a blog about homeschooling, with lots of goodies for all of us who follow Story of the World. Mary, her owner, has shared beautiful timeline figures to go along with Story of the World.  Mary does not only share these gorgeous timeline figures, she also shares notebooking pages, and lesson plans. I downloaded only the timeline figures, which go along perfectly with the timeline pages I created and have already shared with all of you, a little while ago.

So, in order for the whole package to be complete, I put together a little tutorial (video above) on how to print Mary’s timeline figures in the right size for us.  Her figures would be too large for our timeline sheets otherwise. I believe Mary’s intention was for these figures to go on a wall timeline.

I’m attaching my pinterest board here where I’m gathering all fun world history resources. Thus, our timeline, Mary’s figures, and other cool stuff is all in there.

Follow Patricia’s board World History Made Fun on Pinterest.

Nevertheless, all the links you need to complete the timeline and timeline figures are here too:

So, I think that’s all you need!  Big, big thanks to Mary for creating and sharing this wonderful resource. We truly appreciate it. Super Hero and I have enjoyed using these a great deal!

In case you have Story of the World in audio format, and would like to learn how to load it into your iPad, check out my video explaining how to do it.  We love having SOTW in the iPad, it’s encouraged Super Hero to keep listening at any moment, just because it’s there so readily!

Happy timelining!  Let me know how it goes 🙂

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