Pre Algebra Workshop – Spring 2014

Pre Algebra Workshop

Come join us in this exciting new class that will increase your understanding and confidence on math’s skills and will begin to give you a solid foundation for Algebra. This new format blends live lectures, (once a week at PATH) with online support.


  • This course will have an online component, therefore access to a computer with Internet connection and a printer, is required for homework and off-class exercises.
  • Students must already master the following concepts:
    * Multi-digit multiplication and division (i.e. [51 × 319]  or  [22294 ÷ 71] )
    * Basic arithmetic with negative numbers (i.e. [-2+6+(-5)]  or  [(-7) × 11] )
    * Addition and subtraction of fractions with the same denominator (i.e. [⅜ + ⅝] or [⅚ – ⅙])
    * Basic fraction comparison (i.e. [ ⅘, ⅗] or [1, ⅞])
    * Basic decimal arithmetic (i.e. [15.8 + 2.371] or [5.6 × 0.4])
  • Aimed for students ages 10 and up.

Class Outline

  • Evaluating Arithmetic Expressions
  • Integers
  • The associative and commutative properties
  • Adding and subtracting integers
  • Multiplying and dividing integers
  • Factors and fractions
  • Rational numbers (fractions)
  • Adding and subtracting rational numbers
  • Multiplying and dividing rational numbers
  • Decimals


12-Week Tuition

  • P.A.T.H. Members: $100 per student
  • Non members: $110 per student

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