Building a Website with WordPress – Spring 2014

Building a Website with WordPress

Have you thought about having your own blog, where you can document your own thoughts, ideas and opinions? Or perhaps you love to take photographs and want to share them in your own website. Or maybe you wish to showcase your handsome coin collection. Or you love to read and now want to write your very own book reviews. Or maybe your family travels often and you wish to document all those fascinating places you visit.  Or you’ve been thinking about getting your feet wet with ecommerce, that is, selling things online.

Whatever you wish to accomplish, you can do so with WordPress, the leading website building platform and the most popular in the world today. I n this hands-on class you will learn how to make your very first stylish and functional website!

For children ages 10 and up. Parents are welcome to register too!


  • A laptop with Internet connection is required for class.
  • Access to a computer with Internet connection is required for homework or off-class activities.
  • A domain name available to house your WordPress website. If none is available you must register one. Domain registration will be covered in class.
  • A hosting account available to host your WordPress website. If none is available, you must get one. Opening a hosting account will be covered in class.


Class Outline

  • Registering a domain name
  • Setting a hosting account
  • Installing WordPress
  • Setting up a customized theme (the look and feel of your site)
  • Installing required and optional plugins
  • Creating pages
  • Creating photo or video galleries
  • Writing and publishing blog posts
  • Setting up your ecommerce store
  • Maintaining WordPress


12-Week Tuition

  • P.A.T.H. Members: $110 per student
  • Non members: $120 per student

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Please follow the next 2 steps for the registration to be complete.

1. Fill out the registration form:



2. Submit Payment:

Please choose if paying the PATH Member or Non-Member tuition fee.  You will be able to enter the number of students registered (quantity) in the next window.  Thank you.

Select Your Tuition Fee:

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