I’m happy to share with you a set of free printable vocabulary flashcards for Spanish foods, perfect for the beginner student.  I tried to pick the most common words to begin. Certainly, there are many more to learn, but I trust this is an apt set to get your child started, or to practice a manageable chuck  of vocabulary words at a time.



I thought these free Spanish food vocabulary flashcards could be used to play games, such as memory or bingo.  Also, you could tape them onto an actual food item, a glass of milk, for example, or a basket with fruits.  You could switch from those cards with only words, to those with words and images after a while. Or viceversa. Have fun, let your imagination be your guide. Of course let your children take the lead, too.  They love knowing what you’re all playing was their idea.

I found a couple of sites that offer handy suggestions for games and activities with flashcards. It might not hurt to add one or two such tips to your own game-based learning repertoire:

Ready to download your free printable Spanish vocabulary flashcards?

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I hope you enjoy these free printable Spanish food vocabulary flashcards.  Please come back and leave me a comment. I’d love to hear how you use them.  ¡Felices juegos!

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