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For Kindergarten to 5th Grade and Special Needs Children

I discovered this fabulous website where you can create your own fun printables to download and share.

I created and downloaded some fractions and decimal worksheets for Super Hero. We use RightStart Math. And though we love this program, and have much fun with it, Super Hero does get bored with their warm ups from time to time.   I will use these colorful sheets I created as a substitute for a few days. is a British site (or so I was able to gather.) Everything there has a Creative Commons share alike license. Thus, you’re free to distribute what you make and even build upon it. You must provide attribution, and can’t use their stuff for commercial purposes. The site doesn’t specify the grade range, but based on what I saw, (I clicked around a lot!) it covers elementary students.  They do mention their content to be used by special needs children.

Hope you find something there that you like and can use!


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