I created a simple flyer that I called “Writing Workshop.”  It stimulates children to get their creative juices flowing. Give it a try with your child today, or anytime you want to do something different. There’s no right or wrong way to do this.  I chose images that kids, especially boys, will find appealing: Zombies (which kid doesn’t react to zombies in some way?), kids playing tag under a splash playground, a person surfing, and a boy laughing out loud.  These images will spark ideas for a story. Guaranteed!

writing workshop homeschool

I also included a suggested sequence of events, just to help things going:

One day -> Suddenly -> A week afterward ->  Later -> At last  -> Since that day

Of course, you need not use these. Or you can just use a few, and in any order you wish. If your child comes up with something all on his own, by all means celebrate that!  That’s the idea.

So have fun and enjoy. If you do use it, share the stories your children come up with. Would love to hear about them 🙂

Download the Writing Workshop Printable

P.S. Have you downloaded my Book Traveler Passport & Stamps printable yet? Ideal to play a reading game this summer!

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