11 Sites with FREE Computer Programming Courses

I’m really excited to share this collection of 11 websites that offer completely free computer programming courses. These may include computer programming languages or coding with scripting languages.  Some of these would be suitable for middle school level children, and most for high school level children and above.


You can learn all about them in my Vlog, or you can continue reading below 🙂


1. Codecademy.com 

Learn to code interactively for free. Super Hero actually opened an account here to learn Ruby, so we can say it is a very user-friendly website. Straight-forward and simple to follow the instruction!


2. LearnCodeTheHardWay.com

Such a counter-intuitive name, but it hopefully won’t be so hard. We haven’t tried it, but it seems to have plenty resources.


3. Udacity.com

Not oriented for young children, I’d say high schoolers and above. Also not all courses are free, but they do offer a vast collection. They appear to be in partnership with giants the likes of  Google and Facebook. So definitely, I guess we can’t go wrong picking up a course here!


4.  MIT Open Courseware

These are clearly intended for college level students, but if may still be suitable for an advanced high schooler.


5. Thenewboston.org

Free tutorials, web design tutorials, these could even be suitable for middle schoolers and above.


6.  Learn.ShayHowe.com

This is a very nicely organized site to learn HTML & CSS. Children as young as 12 or so could learn to design their first website following these clear instructions.


7. HTMLDog.com

Again a site that could be used by children as young as advanced 12 year-olds or so. Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Just like #6 ShayHowe.com, this site is easy to navigate and follow along.


8. GoogleDevelopers.com

This in the other hand is not for beginners, in my opinion. It’s advanced stuff.  Advanced high schooler or college level, minimum.  But, it’s google, so it’s gotta be real good.


9. WeBit.net

Learn to code from the ground up! The cute graphics and layouts may be enticing for children. The courses, however, may not be suitable for very young children.  A motivated high schooler may find it appropriate.


10.  FreeTechBooks.com

If you’re looking for free technical textbooks, this is the place. I’m not particularly fond of textbooks, but I recognized one must use them for some topics. And Computer Programming is one of those topics, I think.


11. Railstutorial.org/book

A gentleman named Michael Hartl has put this extensive tutorial together. Access all content via the web for free, or buy the book in any digital format.


This concludes my round up for Free computer programming courses. I hope you found this list helpful. If you know of any other resource we can add here, do comment below. If you use any of these, do tell us how it’s going.

Happy learning!



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