My Free Homeschool Printables Round-Up

free homeschool printables round up



history timeline #homeschool (2)

1. Free Printable History Timeline

This goes well with any homeschool history timeline. The timeline figures that I discovered and share to go along with my timeline, have been inspired by and go along with Story of the World.  (I still think you could use them with any curriculum.)


free children's summer reading game

2. Free Printable Passport Reading Game or Log

This is a fun passport with realistic stamps you can use to spice up your reading. Motivate your child to keep a realistic-looking reading passport as log. Really fun!


printable certificate math award

3. Free Printable Math Certificate of Achievement Wiz Kid Award

I created this certificate to go along with our RightStart Math homeschool curriculum. For some odd reason, this math curriculum does not include a certificate at the end of each course. So I created it myself, of course. This one boasts none other than Sir Isaac Newton’s signature.  (Fake of course!)



4. Free Printable Minecraft Piano Practice Log/Game

You can use this printable to log the practice time of any musical instrument, or just as any other game.



5. Free Printable Mini Unit Latitude and Longitude ~ Geography

Quick, easy and fun! A mini unit on Latitude and Longitude, that I created after our field trip to the Equatorial Line in Ecuador!  Recommended ages: 8 to 10.


free printable number cards 1-10

6. Free Printable Number Cards for Playing Math Games

I created these inspired by RightStart Math’s AL Abacus.  We used them at our local homeschool co-op’s Math Games class. These are suitable for kids in grades K to 2.


free homeschool planning pages printables

7.  Free Printable Homeschool Planning Pages

This is my subscriber freebie: A nice looking set of homeschool planning pages.


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If you download and/or use any of my printables, please leave a comment below letting me know. It feels so good to know! Really! And if you have any suggestions on new printables, also leave me a comment down here!  Thanks and happy printing!

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