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Suitable for Any Homeschool History Curriculum Secular or Not

If you’re not keeping a timeline in your homeschool, I strongly encourage you to begin to do so.  It’s an easy, very visual, hands-on, fun exercise!  Amazing how such a simple act of gluing little images of events –or writing them down– into these arranged sheets, yields such clearer perspective. A total knowledge solidifier!

There are many ways to keep a timeline. Just google “history timeline” and you’ll get tons of options: Excellent websites, nifty iPad or tablet apps, innovative binder or books, and good ol’ paper printables.  Though we’re technology geeks around here, I decided to use the paper version. In a moment of inspiration, I created my own “cute” history timeline, which I’m sharing now with all of you 🙂  After Super Hero spotted an error in dates, he actually helped correct it and do some other edits.  Thank you Super Hero! (Mil gracias mi amor ♥)

free history timeline homeschool 1


free history timeline homeschool 1


History comes together so effortlessly with a timeline. For a hands-on learner like Super Hero, filling up the timeline sheets, is sort of a connect-the-dots exercise.  It gives him a clearer picture of what’s happened in the world, regardless of when we study a given topic or event.  I don’t know about you, but at our homeschool, studying history in chronological order seems rather elusive. There’s always something that piques our interest, and chances are, it won’t coincide with our homeschool history curriculum.   Thank goodness for the timeline –it’s the quickest, easiest, and funnest fix. No matter when we get to cover a topic, Super Hero gets to anchor the events in the timeline and in his own mind, and mine, too!

free history timeline homeschool 1


A part 2 of this post covers the free history timeline figures we’re using.  Also, you might like to explore Jimmie Lanley’s (from iHomeschool Network)  hubpage with all you need to keep up a great timeline.


Timeline Poster

I found this timeline poster at amazon, that I’d be remiss not to share with you.  It’s certainly an optional aide, but it does make a handsome visual and effective complement to your do-it-yourself  world history timeline.


Horizontal Binder

One of my blog readers, Rachel, (Hi Rachel!) asked about the origin of our horizontal binder. While mine came from an old business checkbook, I found these two alternatives on Amazon. The first is regular letter size, 8 1/2 by 11 inches. The second, is cheaper, but it comes in legal size: 8 1/2 by 14 inches. If you, too, are partial to horizontal binders, I hope one of these will please you.

Horizontal letter size:

Horizontal legal size:

Our Secular Homeschool History Curriculum

Lastly, in case you’re wondering, we use Story of the World as our secular history curriculum.  A lot of history curriculum is not secular, so I took my time researching options before I settled on Story of the World.  We enjoy it quite well.  Super Hero loves to listen –and relisten– to Jim Weiss’s readings and retellings in the audio version.   So for Story of the World volume 2 (our current level), I bought only the MP3 version and skipped the printed or PDF book. I posted a tutorial on how to load it into your iPad, in case you’d like to do so also.  Such ready access has definitely encouraged Super Hero’s attention to world history.  What’s not to love about that? 😉

history printable timeline #homeschool (2)

download the FREE printable history timeline 🙂

You can also download the free timeline figures to go along with this timeline!

If you do download and use this timeline, let me know in the comments below. Super Hero and I would be delighted to learn you’re using it. Happy timelining!


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