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Is piano practice time a “little bit” of a challenge sometimes? If it is, then this simple little “game” can help melt away resistance, and brighten practice time up a bit.





Piano Practice Log Game

I thought of creating this game to help Super Hero with his piano practice. Since he loves minecraft so much, why not tie it with piano somehow?  You can of course use it to practice any musical instrument.  Or you can use it anyway you think your child will enjoy. Some ideas include learning to count or to build shapes, if playing with preschoolers or kindergartners. Or just for fun with children of any age!

minecraft printable game piano log


Here’s how we’re using it: I give Super Hero 1 block for each 10 minutes of practice. Aside from his private classes, he also follows HomeSchoolPiano.com  (read all about this excellent program in my review). So he gets 1 block for each video he watches.  I keep the rules light so he continues to look forward for more blocks.

He gets to build anything he wants. At 1 block at a time, building things can take a while. How slow or how fast you go though, is up to you and the child of course.

minecraft printable game piano log



Encourage Creativity

Encourage creativity or suspense. Super Hero loves to choose the type of block he gets. He’s keeping what he’s building a mystery, and loves making me guess. I’m allowed 3 guesses each time he gets a new block. I want to keep the game going so I guess all sorts of silly things like an umbrella, a sweater, or his ultimate favorite: a toilet! He laughs out loud and says: “How can this look like a toilet?” –”It kinda does!” I say seriously, and he can’t contain his excitement.  Those moments alone are worth the game!


minecraft printable game piano log


minecraft printable game piano log


This is a simple game, but it is serving it’s purpose very well. Super Hero gets to practice his piano AND we’re playing an easy minecraft game.  Talk about melting resistance and enjoying the process!


Download MInecraft Printable Game!

I hope it helps you too!  If it does, do let me know how you play it or use it. I’d love to hear about it 🙂

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