We had the pleasure -literally- of going on a field trip to Schakolad Chocolate Factory in Miami Beach. Thanks to Lesley Ulloa for putting together this event for all of us PATH homeschoolers, we had a wonderful time!


In truth, the venue was more a chocolate store than an actual factory, but it was all totally worth it nonetheless.  The folks at Schakolad were very courteous and friendly to our group, they even complimented us on being one of the best behaved group who’s visited recently.  Thank you Schakolad!  They started out explaining the chocolate making process beginning with the harvesting of the cocoa beans. Then they ushered us into tables ready with sprinkles, rice krispies, pretzels and oreo bits so we can make our very own delicious chocolate treats!



They do have a chocolate machine, that pours the already prepared chocolate into containers or into any of the hundreds of molds with just about any shape possible. The selection of chocolate treats is quite extensive. If you’ve got a chocolate craving, you’ll surely satisfy here.  Schakolad also offers customized chocolate making of anything you can fancy.  Even your business card can be reproduced, in case you’d like to impress a customer or a prospect’s sweet tooth.  Hey, why not? I know I’d be impressed if someone handed me a chocolate business card 😉

Here’s the photo album:



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