Drawing with Children Flow of Contour Drawing

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  • Read pages 83 – 85
  • Have your child choose a toy, stuffed animal or some other special possession
  • Follow the instructions for drawing on page 83


This exercise is trying to get us to relax about the whole drawing endeavor. It attempts to start getting our eyes to focus on the lines, the shapes, and the basic elements of the figure’s contour. Once you get your eye to focus on the contour, it’s really quite revealing the variety of lines and elements that jump out. Mona Brookes wants us to follow our feelings even more so than following the lines. The gallery images on Fig. 2.3, page 84, reveal the intensity or subtleties of the artists’ feelings. One can see indeed –the feeling makes the drawing. We shall continue to hone transferring our feelings while drawing … That’ll be a work in progress! Still, for a young child, it was an excellent training practice on coordinating his hand movement with his eye/brain processing. It is a simple exercise, one that I think will come more and more easily for us as we continue to practice and progress through the book.


Drawing the contour from different perspectives



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