Drawing with Children Wow! I Can Draw! Exercise

Today we tried Mona Brookes’ Drawing with Children Wow! I Can Draw! exercise. Yay! I, myself, had been looking forward to this one and see how we are progressing. Or at least, how comfortable we are with approaching a subject to draw. I think the warm-ups we’ve been doing are working because, it really felt so easy to just follow the steps and produce a, ahem, masterpiece 😉 Okay, we’re not quite there yet, but it’s just a matter of time, right!?

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  • Read pages 75 – 79
  • Download exercise in Fig. 1.11 (page 76) and complete it
  • Follow the instructions for drawing in Fig. 1.12 (page 77)



This was fun to do. We really only followed the directions. More importantly, however, we felt the assignment was so doable even if we hadn’t had directions. Just by looking at the components of the bird and the shape of each component. The trick, I understand, is to break the object down to smaller parts and go from there. In the case of the bird, we started with its eye and built from just that simple dot.


And here’s my finished work:


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