Drawing with Children Exercises Learning the Basics (Lesson 1 in the Book)

We continue to follow Dona Brookes’ book. Today with did Drawing with Children Exercises in relaxation and experimentation of our drawing supplies. We learned and discovered how the markers behave at certain angles or when blend with other types and colors, etc.

Our Lesson 2: Learning the Basics – Relaxation Exercises & Experiment with Our Supplies

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Read pages 55 – 59



1. Follow the mind and body relaxation exercises in page 56.

2. Follow the eye relaxation exercises in page 57.

3. Experimenting with our supplies. Follow pages 58-59.

These exercises were fun to do. Super Hero was getting a kick out of the relaxation exercises. He was giggling each time I asked him to take a deep breath and relax any tension in his face, jaw, neck, shoulders and chest. A new concept for a 7 year old for sure, but a good practice. He decided to lay on the floor and continue ‘relaxing’ there. I enjoyed very much the eye relaxation exercises and find myself practicing these more than the others. It’s definitely something I appreciate doing to renew the stamina in my eyes whenever they feel a bit tired.

Scribbling, doodling and rediscovering our colored pencils and markers was indeed the funnest part of all. We just did whatever our minds fancied as we grew more comfortable with our working space and drawing supplies.

Super Hero’s experimenting:


Super Hero’s experimenting with our colored pencils and markers


And here are my experimentations:


Experimenting with our markers and pencils


More of my experimenting



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