My Family Homeschool Planner is Here!

free homeschool planner printable 2012-2013

I am so happy to post my latest creation: My Family Homeschool Planner.   I included some tips and ideas I’ve been gathering during our family’s first year homeschooling which will conclude at the end of this month of August.

I’m really excited to have finished this planner and share it with you.  It can also be used by families who attend regular schools. If you happen to know anyone who might find it helpful, please let them know about it –just click the “sharing is caring” button below.

The Family Homeschool Planner is free to download. If you’d like a full-color printed version, you can get one at MagCloud for $34.79.

If you do download the free digital version or buy the printed full-color version, please do let me know by leaving me a comment, feedback or suggestions.  It is my wish that this planner will be useful for you and your family!

Happy learning!


Download free PDF from our store:

Family Homeschool Planner, 2012-2013



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