Desert Collage with Acrylic Paints

We finally got to do our first ‘real’ art project following the fantastic “The Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas”.  There are literally lots of ideas for fun projects that look fairly easy to make. I gave Super Hero 3 options based on the materials we had on hand.  He chose the Desert Collage for our first time following an art book. It really was fun to follow along. I still look forward to both of us developing our own skills and creativity as we learn and progress through the art lessons. I have this and other art books for children I bought and we’re both eager to get artistic 😉


1. Outlining layers of sand dunes in thick white paper for painting


2. All layers of sand dunes cut


3. Painting the cacti-to-be


4. We used serrated scissors to cut the border of Roberto’s business card then scrape it across the wet paint to give it several effects


5. Making dots with the tip of a brush on fresh paint


6. Letting all collage pieces dry


7. Tracing the cacti on the reverse of the painted paper


8. Tracing and cutting the snake


9. Cutting the rocks with serrated scissors


10. Gluing all the collage pieces


11. And voilå the masterpiece!!!

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