Handwriting Without Tears – First Grade

Today we started our handwriting practice with Handwriting Without Tears, I thought First Grade would be most appropriate over Kindergarten since AA has been doing a lot of writing already.  He’s been writing short sentences for WriteShop Book A and longer or more sentences for  Moving Beyond the Page 6-8.  It was becoming clear that AA needed to fine tune his handwriting.  I decided to go ahead and try Handwriting Without Tears as it seemed to be the most popular. Kids really like it.  So far we were not disappointed.   I found lots of the songs in YouTube so they made our first session rather memorable.  AA loved the Frog Jump Capitals animation for the first clip and watching all the children tracing the letters and dancing to the music in the second clip.  We kept on singing the tunes long after the session was over, and myself, even throughout the weekend.

Watching Frog Jump Capitals animation and music on YouTube



RightStart Math – Level C, Lesson 12:  Practice Sheets 1-8

AA worked on his practice sheets 5 through 8 today. He has already done the previous ones in under a minute so I thought it unnecessary for him to continue to do them over again today. He has really mastered the sums with small numbers.  We also played the Corners Game using yesterday’s score as our initial score.

Working on his Practice Sheets 5 through 8

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