Moving Beyond the Page 6-8 – Concept 1, Unit 1, Lesson 12: Rules and Laws

Today we studied laws, rules, consequences and authority. We classified situations in laws vs. rules, evaluating what kind of natural or authoritarian consequences each would yield. We played one of his RightStart Math games with NO rules. Surprisingly, AA said he liked it better that way! The game still provided enough experience to conclude some situations must have rules for them to function properly.

Lastly, for the spelling activity, we actually have been doing 2 words at the beginning of each lesson ever since we started this concept. He writes each new word once in his own spelling journal (a folder) each day, and writes the 2 he learned the day before 3 times each on his Crayola dry erase board (this one has worked wonders in getting him to write more). This method works better for him, because he feels it’s fine for him to just write each word once. And since the dry erase board feels more like a toy, or so it seems to him, he doesn’t mind to have to write many times here. This is more like play time for him, often even mixing his writing with a little doodling!

For this particular activity today we used to play games with a “community” spelling list I created.  AA really enjoyed the games, specially Hang Mouse. It was good fun.

AA's spelling journal on Community



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